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Photography & Air Filmation

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Promotion & Event Flights

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Cineflex - The flying camera

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Efficient way to maneuver materials.

Gran Canaria Excursions and Tours

We offer you exclusive Helicopter Gran Canaria Excursions and Tours to enjoy the most stunning sceneries in the whole of the Canary Islands. Where you can experience a bird’s eye view over Canyons and Mountains.

On the south coast of the island, you will be amazed by views of the Lighthouse and the Sand Dunes of Maspalomas.

Get ready for a truly unforgettable experience with our Gran Canaria Excursions and Tours.

Aerial Photography

Islas Helicopters have more than 7 years experience in Aerial Photography, covering all of the 7 Canary Islands.

Whether it’s for hotel promotions, Panorama shots, sailing and wind surfing competitions, cargo ships or cruise liners, we are experienced in all kinds of aerial shots.

Aerial Filming

We have many years of experience working with local and international production teams, including television broadcasters and film agencies.

Our Pilots will work with you to gain the best shots needed, whether it’s for live broadcasts or for film productions.

Events & Promotion

Give your Event the wow factor and something your guests will never forget.

Whether you would like to use our helicopter for promotional displays, flight raffles, exhibition/demonstration flights or even to add a dramatic entrance for a VIP guest. We can make it happen for you.

The helicopter can be labeled with any logo needed (company name, event, etc)

Aerial Works

Due to Mountains, cities or even dense forest, you may find it hard to maneuver large, heavy or bulky items. Such as, water pipes or antennas.

Helicopters are one of the most efficient ways to move such items and we can provide you with a transportation service, which allows you to work more freely with your materials and place them at your desired destination.

Private Flights

Whether it be for a marriage proposal, a special present or just to surprise a loved one with an exclusive flight. Islas Helicopters gives you a chance of reserving an exclusive helicopter flight for as long as you wish.

Surprising someone special, celebrating a birthday or an anniversary or even a marriage proposal. A present they will never forget.

Let your imagination fly.

Things to do in Gran Canaria

If you are visiting the Island you may be wondering what things to do in Gran Canaria.
There are various attractions available but the TOP 1 must be definitely our Helicopter Tour over the Island of Gran Canaria.
100% of flyers come back with a smile on their faces and their comments summarize very well the experience:

"Once in a Lifetime Experience"
"Something you must try at least once"
"I will remember it for the rest of my life"
"Forget about the rest, this is the thing to do in Gran Canaria"

7 Island Service

We can do short flights to other islands and even to the coast of Africa.

Thanks to previous works, we have access to most of the private heliports on all islands.


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