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Aerial Photography

The all in on Aerial shots

Islas Helicopters have more than 7 years experience in Aerial Photography, covering all of the 7 Canary Islands. Whether it’s for hotel promotions, Panorama shots, sailing and wind surfing competitions, cargo ships or cruise liners, we are experienced in all kinds of aerial shots

We are able to remove all doors and provide the Photographer with a safety approved harness. This will allow for larger angles in different varieties and photographs without any reflections. Our Robinson R44 Clipper ll, is equipped with pop-out floats, which are obligatory for flights over water.

If required, several devices can be installed underneath or around our helicopter to obtain your amazing 360° photos or films.

Islas Helicopters possesses a professional and sophisticated array of technical equipment and experienced pilots to realize your Photo- or Filmprojects. Islas Helicopters - ideal for photographers, travel magazines and sport event organisers. With events on water it is often difficult to find the ideal position to take pictures or film. The helicopter allows you to get up close!

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